iMODE-CKD integrates multi-disciplinary expertise from leading European academic and industrial investigators in the form of a unique training platform on biomarker research and Systems Biology.

The four main objectives of iMODE-CKD are:

►Training young scientists to become the next generation of true translational multidisciplinary researchers exploiting multiple
   -omics technologies to their full extent.

►Training young scientists in Systems Biology approaches to decipher molecular pathology and understanding clinical phenotypes.

►Identifying and validating molecules involved in progression of renal complications trough clinical –omics in established CKD.

►Understanding the molecular determinants of established CKD through integrative Systems Biology.
To achieve these objectivesthree connected research themesare developed in Theme 1 of the project targets to consolidate previously omics-identified biomarkers to established CKD. Theme 2 aims at collecting new –omics data in a very stringent and quality controlled manner from tissue and body fluids; and Theme 3 aims to integrate in a step-wise process data from different biological levels (including clinical data) with the scope to obtain a holistic view of established CKD and identify key nodes (biomarkers) not identified by analysis of the individual biological levels. This effort is placed in the context of a comprehensive training program for ESRs ensuring that this valuable knowledge is readily disseminated to generate future leaders in biomarker development and translational research. These activities are controlled and coordinated via an efficient management plan.

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