In iMODE-CKD a total of 10 ESR and 1 ER will be trained.

List of ESRs' individual projects:

Researcher No.                     Project Title

ESR1                                       Clinical data collection and patient phenotyping

ESR2                                       Existing data consolidation

ESR3                                       Urine proteomics in relation to CKD progression

ESR4                                       Urinary peptidomics in relation to CKD progression

ESR5                                       miRNA in CKD progression

ESR6                                       Data integration to generate a molecular map of primary glomerulosclerosis

ESR7                                       Plasma peptidomics in relation to CKD progression

ESR8                                       Tissue proteomics and imaging by mass spectrometry in established CKD

ESR9                                       Gene expression in relation to CKD progression

ESR10                                     Body fluids metabolomics in CKD progression

ER                                            Molecular mechanisms and biomarkers in established

                                                 CKD and disease progression based on existing and

                                                 iMODE-CKD collected multi-source data   


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