, (“Clinical and system –omics for the identification of the Molecular DEterminants of established Chronic Kidney Disease”) is a research project funded by the European Commission FP7 under funding scheme “Marie Curie Actions – Initial Training Networks”

iMODE-CKD integrates multi-disciplinary expertise in proteomics, metabolomics, transcriptomics, bioinformatics, pathology, and clinical science from leading academic and industrial investigators, establishing a unique training platform on biomarker research and Systems Biology. Special emphasis is placed on the application of a wide range of –omics and bioinformatics techniques to clinical research. This educational scope is placed in the context of a significant research objective: to improve quality of life of patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and diminish the severe health and economic burden imposed by this disease, by providing better diagnostic and prognostic means. Established CKD has been selected based on the accumulation of existing molecular data, and complementarity to active European programs focusing on early stage CKD in the context of diabetes and hypertension, in which participants of the consortium are actively involved in. iMODE-CKD provides the opportunity to train young researchers not only in the different fields of -omics research, but also in -omics data evaluation, combining of datasets from different -omics traits, and exploiting both, data and literature, to enable the generation of in silico models of the molecular pathology of specific diseases. Such approaches will also enable development of new and specific drugs; and pave the road towards stratified/personalized medicine.

The iMODE CKD partner Mosaiques Diagnostics received a „Letter of Support“ for CKD273, the biomarker enabling early detection of CKD.


Dr. Petra Zürbig, one of the partners in iMODE CKD and senior scientist at Mosaiques Diagnostics states: “this represents a major achievement, and an acknowledgement of the efforts in iMODE CKD”.


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